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With the rising global rent prices, housing expenses pose a significant challenge for students pursuing higher education. Startups like Amber are stepping in to alleviate this burden by revolutionizing the rental process and eliminating broker fees.

  • Recent Funding Boost: Amber, founded by Saurabh Goel and Madhur Gujar, recently closed a $21M funding round led by Gaja Capital, fueling its global expansion and growth initiatives.
  • Streamlined Rental Process: Amber simplifies the housing hunt by offering verified listings, virtual tours, and expert guidance, making it easier for students to find suitable accommodation.
  • Innovative Technology: The platform incorporates an AI-powered dynamic pricing engine and a dashboard tool for property managers, optimizing operations and enhancing user experience.
  • Global Presence: Established in 2017, Amber has expanded its footprint across multiple countries including Australia, Ireland, Canada, Germany, Spain, the UK, and the US, catering to the needs of students worldwide.
  • Investment Partners: Lighthouse Canton and Stride Ventures also participated in the funding round, showcasing confidence in Amber’s potential for further success.

The Rainmaker Group acted as the exclusive financial advisor for this funding round, facilitating strategic decisions and ensuring successful execution.

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