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Oasis Security, an Israeli startup emerges from the shadows, wielding technology aimed at navigating the labyrinth of non-human identity security.

  • The Common Misconception: When the phrase “identity management” pops up in corporate discussions, thoughts often drift to software applications that handle user authentications on networks to grant service access. Beyond this user-centric viewpoint lies a massive, intricate web of machine-based authentications – the true bulwark of IT operations and, arguably, more prone to cyber breaches due to its sheer scale and complexity.
  • The Astonishing Ratio: It’s estimated that for every human identity, there might be as many as 50 machine identities – sometimes even more in a single organization.
  • While Under the Radar: Oasis isn’t just talk; it’s already secured funding, along with a roster of customers that includes Chipotle, JLL, and Mercury Financial, even before its official launch.
  • Investors and Funding Excitement: A financial surge led by Sequoia, with Accel and other notable investors, has led to a $5M seed and a bumper $35M Series A round.
  • Cybersecurity’s New Battleground: Oasis’ CEO Danny Brickman highlights that non-human identity management is cybersecurity’s next frontier, offering a significantly larger attack surface for malicious entities.

Both Sequoia Capital and Oasis, founded by Brickman and Amit Zimerman, envision identity security as the new frontier, with a special emphasis on plugging the gaping void presented by non-human identity risks.

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