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Meet Structo, Singapore’s 3D printing company specializing in dental applications. This enterprise has demonstrated a remarkable financial turnaround in 2022, from a net loss of S$650,000 (US$476,000) in 2021 to a notable net gain of S$2.75M (US$2M).

  • Brief History: Structo was conceived by a group of engineers from the National University of Singapore in 2012 and made its public debut in 2014. Today, Structo is a global entity with offices in Singapore, Canada, the US, and the UK.
  • Investors: In 2022, Structo secured US$10M from SGInnovate, Singapore’s innovation platform, and other institutions, underscoring their impressive growth.
  • Revenue: 90% of their revenue is derived from the sale of printing materials.
  • Strategy: They strategically upped their expenses from S$23.6M (US$17.3M) to a substantial S$27.8M (US$20.4M). This increased their revenue by 35%, reaching S$31M (US$23M).
  • Valuation: Structo’s most recent funding round pegs the company at an impressive US$51.6M, with a revenue multiple of 2.24.

TechInAsia has approached Structo for further comments.

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