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Thunes, a Singapore-based payment firm, has joined forces with LianLian Global, a Chinese e-commerce cross-border payment service provider.

  • Partnership Launch: Thunes welcomes LianLian Global to Thunes Global Network, aiming to enhance cross-border payment solutions.
  • About Thunes & LianLian Global: Thunes operates globally, facilitating real-time money transfers across 130 countries and supporting diverse payment methods, while LianLian Global offers comprehensive cross-border trade services.
  • Introducing LGPS: LianLian Global launches the LianLian Global Payout Service (LGPS), leveraging Thunes’ compliant payment network for seamless international payouts.
  • Addressing Payment Challenges: LGPS aims to mitigate issues such as high costs, slow processing times, and complex procedures associated with traditional cross-border payments.

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in simplifying and accelerating global payments.

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