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Sumsub has formed strategic partnerships with key players across Southeast Asia to enhance regional security and verification.

  • Key Partnerships: Sumsub has teamed up with Nexus Technologies in the Philippines, PT Secure Pasifik Teknologi (SPT) in Indonesia, and Spectrum Edge in Malaysia, leveraging their local expertise alongside Sumsub’s advanced verification solutions.
  • Objectives: These partnerships aim to combat rising fraud in Southeast Asia by equipping local businesses with robust verification tools to navigate evolving cyber threats effectively.
  • Fraud Trends: The region, including the Philippines, Indonesia, and Malaysia, faces increasing deepfakes and fintech fraud, underscoring the need for enhanced security measures.
  • Sumsub’s Strategy: Collaborating with local resellers allows Sumsub to extend its verification solutions to key markets, ensuring businesses meet compliance standards and combat fraud effectively.
  • Leadership and Expansion: Led by Penny Chai, Vice President of Business Development, Sumsub has established its APAC headquarters in Singapore, strategically positioning itself to expand its impact in Asia’s digital ecosystem.

Sumsub’s strategic partnerships in Southeast Asia aim to foster a secure digital environment, addressing the region’s fraud challenges with advanced verification solutions and paving the way for a safer digital future.

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