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Frumtak Ventures has closed its latest fund, Frumtak IV, securing $87 million and reinforcing its position in Icelandic early-stage investment.

  • Sector-Agnostic Approach: Known for its sector-agnostic approach, Frumtak Ventures primarily targets promising B2B SaaS startups at the seed or Series A stage.
  • Strategic Focus: Frumtak IV sets its sights on companies driving innovation in software, AI, and deeptech, leveraging Iceland’s strengths in ocean tech, logistics, healthcare, and energy.
  • Global Recognition: Foreign investment in Icelandic startups has surged, highlighting Iceland’s growing innovation ecosystem.
  • Leader’s Perspective: Svana Gunnarsdottir, Co-founder and Managing Partner, emphasizes Frumtak Ventures’ commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and fostering innovation resilience in Iceland’s startup scene.

This milestone underscores Frumtak Ventures’ pivotal role in accelerating the growth of tech leaders across the Nordic region.

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