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Hex Trust, a leading digital asset solutions provider in Hong Kong, has partnered with Monad Labs, a global smart contract platform, to offer custody support for the Monad Blockchain.

  • Partnership Announcement: Hex Trust and Monad Labs have joined forces, making Hex Trust the first custodian to support assets on the Monad blockchain.
  • About Hex Trust: Established in 2018, Hex Trust is a licensed digital asset custodian providing custody, DeFi, and brokerage services on regulated infrastructure.
  • Client Benefits: Hex Trust clients gain access to Monad’s enhanced security features and innovative blockchain technology, ensuring secure and compliant digital asset custody.
  • Technological Advancements: Monad Labs introduces a high-throughput, Ethereum-compatible blockchain with parallelization for efficient processing and instant block finality.
  • Leadership Statements: Calvin Shen, Managing Director at Hex Trust, highlights their commitment to secure, compliant digital asset access, while Joey Anthony from Monad Labs emphasizes the strategic benefits of partnering with Hex Trust.

This partnership marks a significant advancement in digital asset custody, leveraging Hex Trust’s secure infrastructure and Monad Labs’ innovative technology.

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