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Clime Capital, renowned for accelerating Southeast Asia’s low carbon transition, has announced a significant investment of $10 million in Nami Distributed Energy (Nami).

  • Shared Endeavor: This investment aims to strengthen Nami’s delivery of innovative distributed energy solutions to Vietnam’s commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Regulatory Boost: The investment coincides with Vietnam’s new Decree 80/2024/ND-CP, enhancing opportunities for renewable energy adoption.
  • Nami Distributed Energy’s Impact: Specializing in rooftop solar and on-site energy solutions, Nami empowers Vietnamese businesses to achieve sustainability goals and reduce operational costs.
  • About Clime Capital: Based in Singapore, Clime Capital manages funds like SEACEF I and II, focusing on catalyzing sustainable energy initiatives across Southeast Asia.

The collaboration between Clime Capital and Nami Distributed Energy represents a significant step forward in Vietnam’s journey towards sustainable energy solutions.

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