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Otoklix and VinFast are joining forces to advance Indonesia’s electric vehicle (EV) revolution.

  • Strategic Partnership: VinFast, Vietnam’s top EV maker, teams up with Otoklix in Indonesia as its authorized service provider, boosting their presence in Southeast Asia’s growing EV sector.
  • Empowering EV Service: Otoklix, backed by AC Ventures, launches an EV academy to train mechanics, meeting Indonesia’s rising demand for skilled EV technicians.
  • About Otoklix: Founded in 2019 by Martin Suryohusodo, Otoklix streamlines Indonesia’s auto service scene, offering reliable repair and maintenance solutions.
  • Investment and Growth: VinFast plans a $1.2 billion investment in Indonesia, including $200 million for an EV plant producing 30,000-50,000 vehicles yearly, aligning with Indonesia’s goal of 600,000 electric cars by 2025.

This collaboration between VinFast and Otoklix not only enhances Indonesia’s EV service capabilities but also supports the country’s transition towards sustainable transportation solutions.

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