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Accenture‘s acquisition of Bengaluru-based Excelmax Technologies marks a strategic move to strengthen its silicon design and engineering capabilities.

  • Specialized Solutions: Founded in 2019, Excelmax specializes in developing bespoke silicon solutions for industries like consumer electronics, data centers, and AI.
  • Comprehensive Capabilities: This acquisition enhances Accenture’s ability to deliver full-cycle silicon design services, from concept to execution.
  • Talent Integration: Approximately 450 professionals from Excelmax, skilled in emulation, automotive tech, and analog design, will join Accenture.
  • Visionary Leadership: Karthik Narain, Accenture’s Group Chief Executive of Technology, underscores how the acquisition boosts capabilities and innovation for global clients.

This integration marks a significant milestone for Accenture in advancing its leadership in silicon design and engineering, poised to drive innovation and client success in the competitive tech industry.

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