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Orus Energy, a French AI-powered platform, secures €2.2 million in pre-seed funding to enhance electrical flexibility in commercial buildings.

  • Financial Backing: Successfully raising €2.2 million in pre-seed funding, Orus Energy was supported by investors like b2venture, Asterion Ventures, and Ring Capital.
  • Innovation Roots: Founded in 2023 by Théophile Karila, Fanny Sauvée, and Alexandre Girard, Orus Energy optimizes energy use in commercial buildings with advanced AI algorithms.
  • Technological Edge: Their machine learning framework manages building energy consumption smartly, shifting usage to cost-effective and eco-friendly periods for improved operational efficiency.
  • Market Impact: With commercial buildings consuming a significant portion of peak electricity, Orus Energy’s solutions offer up to 10% savings on electricity bills through seamless demand response integration.

Orus Energy’s recent funding marks a pivotal step towards revolutionizing energy efficiency in commercial buildings through advanced AI, poised to lead in sustainable energy solutions.

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