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Cartken, a robotics startup originally from Germany, is revolutionizing autonomous navigation with its innovative AI and computer vision technology. 

  • Funding Success: Cartken has raised $22.5 million, including a recent $10 million round aimed at boosting operational efficiency across diverse environments.
  • Versatile Applications: Cartken’s technology enables seamless navigation indoors and outdoors, overcoming the limitations of existing mobile robot solutions.
  • Impactful Milestones: Since inception, Cartken has facilitated hundreds of thousands of deliveries, averaging 36,000 per month, and saved over 10,000 hours in transportation time in 2023 alone.
  • Global Expansion: The startup has a global footprint, serving major sectors in the US, Germany, Denmark, and Japan, with plans for further expansion.
  • Investor Confidence: Leading investors like 468 Capital recognize Cartken’s potential to revolutionize industrial automation and last-mile delivery, underscoring confidence in its future growth and innovation.

With this new funding, Cartken is poised to expand rapidly into new verticals, continuing its mission to automate operations, enhance productivity, and ensure safety across industries.

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