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MJets Air Sdn Bhd (formerly known as “Kargo Xpress”) and Teleport Everywhere Pte Ltd have announced a new interline partnership designed to enhance air cargo operations across Asia.

  • Strategic Partnership: MJets Air, a prominent air cargo operator within Malaysia’s MMAG Aviation Consortium Sdn Bhd, has partnered with Teleport, a leading logistics provider under Capital A Berhad.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: This partnership aims to leverage the strengths and networks of both companies to optimize regional air cargo services.
  • Increased Cargo Capacity: The partnership equips both companies to handle the growing volume of e-commerce cargo efficiently
  • Growth and Expansion: MJets Air continues to expand its footprint in the regional logistics industry, committed to delivering exceptional air cargo services.

With this strategic partnership, MJets Air and Teleport are poised to elevate air cargo operations, ensuring efficiency, reliability, and comprehensive solutions across Asia.

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