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In a significant move within the biopharmaceutical sector, CBC Group of Singapore has propelled Hasten Biopharmaceutical into the spotlight with its latest acquisition.

  • Overview: Hasten Biopharmaceutical, supported by Singapore’s CBC Group, has acquired rights to 14 branded products from South Korea’s Celltrion, enhancing its product portfolio across Pan-Asia.
  • Operational Strategy: CBC’s “investor-operator” model leverages innovation, industry expertise, and commercial acumen to drive Hasten’s growth and international expansion.
  • Enhanced Portfolio: This deal enriches Hasten’s product pipeline, particularly for chronic diseases like hypertension and diabetes.
  • CEO Perspective: Summer Xia, CEO of Hasten, views this acquisition as a crucial step in expanding their regional and international market reach.
  • Future Plans: Hasten aims to introduce innovative products, optimize its portfolio, and enhance research and production capabilities for continued growth.

This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone for Hasten Biopharmaceutical and CBC Group, setting the stage for impactful growth and innovation in the global healthcare landscape.

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