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Roboat, based in Amsterdam and specializing in autonomous boat technology, has raised €550,000 in funding.

  • Funding Milestone: Roboat secured €550,000 from LUMO Labs and SHIFT Invest to advance its autonomous boating technology.
  • Technological Advancements: The company’s software integrates situational awareness, decision support, obstacle avoidance, autonomous sailing, and automated docking, tailored for both new and existing vessels.
  • Origins and Mission: Born as a spin-off from MIT and the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, Roboat aims to revolutionize urban waterway transport with fully autonomous boats.
  • Leadership Perspectives: CEO Ynse Hendrik Deinema highlights collaborations across Europe for navigation support, while LUMO Labs’ Andy Lurling underscores Roboat’s potential in sustainable transportation solutions.

With this significant funding, Roboat is poised to make a substantial impact on urban waterway transportation.

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