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Elevarm, Indonesia’s innovative farming platform, has successfully secured a $1 million investment from industry heavyweights Rabobank, Scala, and Amartha.

  • Investment Highlights: Rabobank, Scala, and Amartha have collectively invested $1 million to enhance Elevarm’s pro-farmer financing product for smallholder farmers.
  • Why This Matters: This funding helps farmers get agricultural inputs on credit, streamline cultivation, and improve financial literacy, addressing key gaps in education and financing.
  • About Elevarm: Founded in 2022 by Bayu Syerli Rahmat, Febi Agil Ifdillah, and Lintang Kusuma Pratiwi, Elevarm offers innovative solutions for smallholder farmers.
  • Future Aspirations: Elevarm aims to support 1,000 farmers by 2024, disburse $1.5 million, and introduce new agri-inputs like bio-stimulants and bio-pesticides.

Elevarm’s latest investment round is set to transform the agricultural landscape in Indonesia, bringing technology and financing to the farmers who need it most.

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