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Taxfix, a prominent German digital tax filing platform, has strategically entered the UK market through the acquisition of TaxScouts.

  • Strategic Partnership: Taxfix aims to enhance its presence and service offerings by acquiring TaxScouts, a leading UK-based digital tax filing company.
  • Established Presence: Founded in 2017 and headquartered in London, TaxScouts has solidified its position in the UK and Spain, supported by a team of over 150 experienced tax professionals.
  • European Reach: Operating across Germany, Spain, and Italy, Taxfix strengthens its foothold as a key player in European fintech.
  • Growth Trajectory: Bolstered by successful acquisitions like Steuerbot in 2023, Taxfix has assisted over 5 million customers and facilitated €3.5 billion in tax refunds across Europe.

The acquisition of TaxScouts represents a strategic move for Taxfix, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and expanding its service capabilities across key European markets.

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