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In a bid to revolutionize urban living, global venture studio Founders Factory and German housing giant Vonovia are teaming up to accelerate affordable, climate-neutral housing technologies.

  • Strategic Collaboration: Founders Factory and Vonovia collaborate to accelerate tech solutions for modern urban living challenges.
  • Technological Focus: The partnership explores advanced technologies such as generative AI, digital twins, and intelligent infrastructure to revolutionize urban living.
  • Vonovia’s Role: As Europe’s leading housing company, Vonovia will provide initial financial support and strategic advantages to startups in exchange for minority shares.
  • Founders Factory Impact: Notable ventures include BuiltAIMaterials NexusTembo, and others, with a collective track record of over $1 billion in follow-on funding since 2015.

This initiative combines Vonovia’s housing expertise with Founders Factory’s innovation, aiming to reshape the future of affordable and sustainable housing through advanced technology.

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