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Hebbia, a trailblazing startup harnessing generative AI for document search, has made headlines with its latest funding round.

  • Funding Details: Hebbia raised close to $100 million in Series B funding led by Andreessen Horowitz.
  • Behind the Genius: Founded in 2020 by George Sivulka during his PhD at Stanford, Hebbia was inspired by the time-consuming document searches faced by financial professionals.
  • Target Market: Hebbia primarily serves financial service firms such as hedge funds and investment banks.
  • Market Impact: The Series B funding brings Hebbia’s total capital raised to over $120 million, following a $30 million Series A in September 2022.

This significant investment underscores Hebbia’s commitment to innovation in AI-driven document search, positioning itself as a pivotal player in digital transformation across industries.

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