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FishLog, a startup in the aquaculture industry, recently raised undisclosed funding in a pre-series A extension round. Investors include Accel, Insignia Ventures Partners, Saison Capital, Mandiri Capital Indonesia, and BNI Ventures.

  • FishLog’s Services: Founded in 2020, FishLog serves as an enabler for fisheries. It offers services like FishLog Trace, ensuring seafood comes from responsible sources, and FishLog Smart Contract, handling financing and enhancing supply chain transparency.
  • Market Expansion: The latest fundraise will help FishLog expand its cold chain ecosystem, particularly focusing on distributing traceable seafood in the US, a market it entered in 2023. The company has distributed over 60,000 kilograms of seafood to the US since then.
  • Global Presence: FishLog has connected with over 60 buyers worldwide and claims to have increased cold storage productivity by 40% through sustainable supply and technology, managing over 4,000 tons of seafood inventory monthly.

As FishLog expands its reach globally, particularly in the US market, it is poised to make an impact on the aquaculture supply chain. With a focus on responsible sourcing and community development, FishLog exemplifies the positive change that tech startups can bring to the fishing industry.

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