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Bambrew, a sustainable packaging company, raised 600 million rupees (US$7.2 million) in a series A funding round led by Blume Ventures.

  • Investors: Blue Ashva Capital, Mumbai Angels, and Indus Capital, along with several angel investors, participated in the funding round.
  • Global Concern: Carbon dioxide emissions are a pressing global issue, especially in countries like India, which was among the top emitters last year.
  • Environmental Impact: Bambrew claims to have saved more than 60,000 tons of single-use plastic and more than 125,000 tons of CO2 emissions by creating materials that are functional and cost-efficient compared to plastic.
  • Expansion Plans: The new funding will help Bambrew enhance its manufacturing capabilities, expand its team, and enter the primary packaging market for fast-moving consumer goods and food and drink products.

Bambrew’s mission aligns with the Indian government’s efforts to promote sustainable product design, including the Extended Producer Responsibility regulations, which encourage companies to adopt a circular economy model.

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