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Belong, a new wealth-building platform, has launched after securing £2.95 million in Pre-Seed funding, marking the largest Pre-Seed round by female founders in Europe.

  • Founders and Mission: Founded by Avion Gray, a former investment banker, and Samantha Rosenberg, a behavioral economist, Belong aims to democratize wealth-building for professionally employed millennials.
  • Partnerships and Support: Belong’s vision is supported by investors like Octopus Ventures, Viola Fintech, and others.
  • Investment Options: At launch, Belong offers five diversified index-tracking funds, including MSCI World, S&P 500, FTSE, and climate/ESG-focused funds.
  • Founders’ Vision: Avion Gray emphasizes the potential of long-term wealth creation through stock market investments, citing historical trends of over 10% annual growth.

Belong aims to change perceptions about investing, empower millennials to build wealth, and create a social movement around long-term financial planning. This platform’s innovative approach, strategic partnerships, and focus on accessibility could reshape wealth-building for a new generation of investors.

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