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The Browser Company, creator of the Arc browser, has raised $50 million in a funding round led by Pace Capital, valuing the company at $550 million.

  • Funding Details: The Browser Company has raised a total of $128 million across multiple rounds with notable investors including Jeff Weiner, Ev Williams, Dylan Field, Akshay Kothari, and Jason Warner.
  • Company Background: Founded in 2019 by Josh Miller and Hursh Agrawal, The Browser Company aims to build an “internet computer” for users. Its app, the Arc browser, focuses on AI-powered search, allowing users to set it as a default browser without creating an account.
  • Arc Availability: Initially invite-only on Mac, the browser became available for all users last July. A Windows client was made available through a closed beta program.

Despite raising significant funds, the company has not yet revealed its plans for monetization.

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