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NOVUS, a German electric motorbike startup, recently secured funding led by 468 Capital, aiming to redefine urban mobility and attract non-motorbike riders.

  • Company Vision: Founded by René Renger and Marcus Weidig, NOVUS aims to create an “iPhone moment” in mobility, positioning itself as the “Apple of mobility.”
  • Product Features: The NOVUS e-bike is a hybrid of a bicycle and a motorbike, weighing only 108 kg, with 25 kW peak power and 400 nm torque—unique for the 125cc class.
  • Market Interest: Over 45% of pre-orders and 400 potential customers on the test ride waiting list are non-motorbike riders, indicating strong market interest.
  • Future Plans: The funding will be used for regulatory certification, industrialization of production, and market launch in DACH and Europe, with plans to integrate angels and co-investors into its shareholder ecosystem.

With strong investor backing, a visionary leadership team, and innovative product features, NOVUS is poised to reshape urban mobility and appeal to a broader audience beyond traditional motorbike riders.

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