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EFishery, an Indonesia-based aquaculture firm, has acquihired DycodeX, a local AI-powered IoT startup. The deal’s terms are undisclosed. This move allows eFishery to expand its AI plans, including the upcoming brand

  • Details We Know: The DycodeX team will join eFishery’s artificial intelligence of things (AIoT) and cultivation intelligence team, part of the company’s product division. DycodeX co-founder and CEO Andri Yadi will lead the team as vice president.
  • Strengthening AI and IoT Implementation: eFishery CEO Gibran Huzaifah stated that Andri Yadi and his team will strengthen and accelerate the implementation of AI and IoT in the eFishery ecosystem. The company expects the product development cycle to be 3x to 4x faster with Yadi and his team.
  • Current Products: eFishery currently offers eFeeder, an AI-powered product enabling automatic feeding for fish and shrimp cultivation. Other products include a feed marketplace and a B2B platform for fish trading.
  • Roadmap for the Future: eFishery plans to launch 10 new products over the next two to three years. These products will include IoT products and platforms, a generative AI product, and other aquaculture intelligence solutions.

Last year, eFishery entered India, its first overseas market. The company raised $200 million in series D funding, boosting its valuation to US$1.4 billion. As of January 2024, eFishery counts 200,000 fish farmers as clients.

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