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Liquidnitro Games, a two-month-old venture founded by former Electronic Arts executives, raised US$5.25 million in a seed round led by Nexus Venture Partners, with angel investors participating.

  • Company Focus: Based in Hyderabad, Liquidnitro Games helps game companies and publishers transition into and manage “live service” games, which are continually updated with new content to retain player engagement. The company also assists partners in entering the Indian market, developing games from conceptualization to launch, and co-producing games.
  • Founders’ Background: Liquidnitro Games’ founders Sandeep Kowdley, Krishna Dhanekula, Arun Kunchala, and Suresh Manthena have worked on popular titles such as Tetris, Plants vs. Zombies, and The Sims.
  • Utilization of Funds: The raised funds will be used to establish a studio, enhance AI and technology infrastructure for improved production pipelines, and scale up live services capabilities.
  • Global Expansion: Liquidnitro Games aims to partner with “global games companies” to explore opportunities not only in India but also in other markets.
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