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Ubitus K.K. has secured new investment from NVIDIA, highlighting the growing demand for generative AI and cloud gaming in Asia and beyond.

  • About Ubitus: Ubitus K.K. specializes in GPU virtualization, cloud solutions, and streaming platforms, delivering exceptional cloud and AI services. The company offers a range of AI solutions, including UbiGPT, tailored to meet diverse industry requirements.
  • AI Overview: Ubitus offers UbiGPT, a gaming-centric large language model for interactive storytelling and game development, UbiArt for transforming game visuals into lifelike art, and Ubi-chan for personalized AI avatars.
  • Cloud Gaming Solutions: Ubitus’ cloud gaming solution allows users to enjoy AAA gaming experiences across devices, with a comprehensive Game Development Kit (GDK) and game library for rapid deployment.
  • Synergizing Generative AI and Cloud Gaming: Ubitus collaborates with NVIDIA to build its GPU cloud infrastructure, driving the adoption of generative AI solutions for various industries.

The investment marks a significant advancement in generative AI and cloud gaming in Asia, with Ubitus poised to unlock new AI possibilities. Leveraging NVIDIA’s strengths, Ubitus aims to reshape the digital landscape, impacting industries, geographies, and cultures.

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