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Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind Apex Legends, has reportedly laid off some employees working on the game.

  • Employees Affected: The layoffs have been confirmed by several employees on social media platforms. Roles and departments affected by the layoffs are currently unclear.
  • A Previous Announcement: The layoffs come two weeks after Electronic Arts (EA) confirmed it was laying off 5% of its staff and cancelling a Star Wars game developed by Respawn. EA has stated that the recent layoffs are part of its earlier 5% announcement, but some reports suggest they may include additional layoffs.
  • Silver Lining: Despite the layoffs, Apex Legends has seen growth since its launch in 2019, with an increase in weekly active users and overall financial bookings.

The layoffs at Respawn Entertainment have raised concerns about the impact on the development and future of Apex Legends. However, EA’s continued support for the game indicates that it remains a significant part of their portfolio.

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