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Peak XV, previously known as Sequoia Capital India and Southeast Asia, is launching a new fund called the Peak XV Anchor Fund. This fund marks a departure from typical VC fund structures, being a perpetual investment vehicle rather than following a traditional 10-year cycle. Leveraging internal resources, it aims to support Peak XV’s main funds by investing from its own balance sheet.

  • Perpetual Investment Vehicle: Unlike traditional VC funds, the Peak XV Anchor Fund operates on a perpetual basis, managing capital indefinitely.
  • Internal Resource Utilization: The fund utilizes Peak XV’s internal balance sheet for investments into the company’s primary funds.
  • Institutionalized Leadership Involvement: While leaders at Peak XV have historically contributed to the company’s main funds, the Anchor Fund formalizes their involvement and aims for better alignment with limited partners’ goals.
  • Collaboration with Fund Managers: The Peak XV team plans to collaborate with fund managers across different regions for the new fund, fostering global investment opportunities.
  • Gradual Growth: The fund is reported to start with a modest size and is expected to grow steadily over time.

Peak XV’s launch of the Anchor Fund represents an innovative approach to investment in the Asian market, leveraging perpetual capital and strategic partnerships to drive long-term growth and exploration into new investment avenues.

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