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Founded in 2012 by former hoteliers Richard Valtr and Matthijs Welle, Mews has come a long way since its inception. Mews, a startup specializing in hotel IT management tools, has secured a growth round of $110 million, placing the company valuation at $1.2 billion post-money, marking a slight up-round from its previous Series C funding in 2022.

  • Investor lead: Mews’ recent $110 million in funding, were led by Kinnevik and Goldman Sachs Group, and other lead investors included Revaia, Notion Capital and LGVP.
  • Leadership Support: CEO Matt Welle, reaffirms company commitment in his quoted statement ““As more hoteliers embrace modern technology, we have a huge opportunity to help them streamline their operations,”
  • Global Ambitions: With its sights set on global expansion, the freshly acquired funds will fuel expansion, alongside bolstering product development efforts and potentially pursuing strategic acquisitions.
  • By the Numbers: Mews reported about $8 billion in gross payments volume, to indicate an increase from about $2.3 billion end of 2022. Additionally, it was reported to have over 5,000 hotel customers to date.
  • Previous Funding Rounds: This isn’t Mews’ first venture into the funding arena. In December 2022, the Prague-headquartered company raised a $185 million in a Series C funding round, further solidifying its position in the market.

In summary, Mews’ recent funding triumph and financial performance highlight its ascent as a formidable player in the software development landscape. With a focus on global expansion and product innovation, Mews continues to chart a path of growth and success.

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