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BuildBear Labs has successfully secured $1.9M in its latest funding venture. This financial infusion comes courtesy of companies like Superscrypt, Tribe Capital, and 1kx, with additional backing from Iterative, Plug-N-Play, and notable angel investors such as Kris Kaczor (Typechain and DethCrypto) and Ken Fromm (formerly of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance).

  • What’s Cooking at BuildBear Labs? At the core of BuildBear Labs’s mission is the acceleration of its flagship platform, all thanks to the fresh capital. Spearheaded by Dipesh Sukhani and Emmanuel Antony, BuildBear Labs is revolutionizing the Web3 space.
  • A Cutting-Edge Automated and Continuous Testing Engine (ACTE): Drawing inspiration from BrowserStack, their ACTE is designed to tackle the Web3 sector’s unique challenges with finesse.
  • A Specialized Platform for dApp Development: A boon for developers, providing custom Private Testnet sandboxes for an array of Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) and EVM-compatible blockchain networks.
  • Noteworthy Features Galore: From private faucets allowing for the minting of Native and ERC20 tokens ad infinitum to crafting over 7,700 sandbox testing environments, their toolkit is comprehensive.
  • Impressive Engagement: Boasting an active retention rate surpassing 35%, BuildBear Labs’s platforms clearly resonate with users.

Strengthening ties with industry leaders like RemixIDE, Saffold-ETH, Cookbook, and SolidityScan, BuildBear Labs is setting the stage for shared knowledge and innovation in the Web3 development arena.

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