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In an exciting development for the Southeast Asian financial sector, Creador, a Malaysia-based private equity firm, has made a significant move by investing PHP4B (approximately $71.3M) into Asialink Finance Corporation.

  • Stake and Influence: With this investment, Creador now holds an 18% stake in Asialink, securing a seat on the board of directors.
  • Expansion and Support for SMEs: The primary goal is clear—expand Asialink’s lending capacity to provide more substantial support to SMEs across the Philippines.
  • Operational Efficiency and Innovation: Creador plans to leverage its insights from investing in various non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) to automate and optimize Asialink’s operations, introduce international banking partners, and launch innovative financial products.
  • Empowering the Unbanked: Both Creador and Asialink are committed to empowering the largely unbanked segment of the business community. Omar Mahmoud, Creador’s managing director for the Philippines, expressed enthusiasm about this partnership, emphasizing the goal to democratize access to financial services for hard-working business owners through geographical expansion, product innovation, and digitalization.
  • A Vision for Economic Growth: Robert Jordan, Jr., CEO of Asialink, views this partnership as pivotal in transforming SMEs into key economic growth drivers, akin to their role in developed economies. This strategic alignment is poised to change the landscape of SME financing in the Philippines.
  • Expert Advisors: The intricate details of the transaction were navigated with the expertise of Paulton & Company as the financial advisor and Gorricetta as the legal advisor to Creador, ensuring a smooth collaboration.

This investment is part of Creador’s broader strategy to stimulate economic growth within the Southeast Asian region. With a recent announcement about raising up to $800M for its sixth flagship fund, Creador is clearly on a path to influence and innovate within emerging markets.

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