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Photoroom is making waves in the digital world, both for online business builders and casual users alike. Recently, the company announced a significant milestone, securing a $43M funding round, catapulting its valuation to $500M.

  • Photoroom Leaders: This achievement, detailed by CEO and co-founder Matthieu Rouif, marks a pivotal moment for Photoroom, which he leads alongside CTO Eliot Andres.
  • Innovative AI Technology: Unlike many startups venturing into AI, Photoroom has been dedicated to developing its unique models from scratch.
  • Impressive Growth: With over 150 million app downloads and an astounding 5 billion images processed annually, Photoroom’s reach is undeniable. Its services extend beyond the app, including an API and web interface, demonstrating versatility and user-centric design.
  • Company Investors: The recent funding round, led by Balderton Capital and supported by both new and returning investors like Aglaé and Y Combinator, propels Photoroom into its next growth phase.
  • Funding Utility: The funds are earmarked for expanding the team—aiming to double its 50-strong workforce by year-end—and further investing in R&D and infrastructure.

Photoroom continues to push the envelope with features like Photoroom Instant Diffusion, aimed at revolutionizing product photography with AI. By generating professionally styled images, the platform ensures consistency and quality for online sellers, alongside a suite of editing tools and AI-driven background and image creation capabilities.

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