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Mistral AI, with a vision to stand toe-to-toe with OpenAI and Anthropic, is unleashing its new LLM model, the Mistral Large, alongside a ChatGPT contender, Le Chat.

  • Introducing Mistral Large: Designed to rival LLMs such as GPT-4 and Claude 2, Mistral Large boasts reasoning capabilities that challenge the current AI model hierarchy.
  • Le Chat – A New Way to Communicate: Say hello to Le Chat, a beta-released chat assistant that promises to change how we interact with AI. Currently free to access on, this service offers a sneak peek into a future where digital conversations feel more human.
  • Open Source Origins: While its first creations were shared with the world, Mistral AI is evolving, mirroring a model similar to OpenAI with paid access to its most advanced models, marking a pivot in its business philosophy. It’s usage-based pricing that undercuts GPT-4 Turbo by 20%.
  • A Multilingual Mastermind: Breaking language barriers, Mistral Large extends its capabilities across English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

Mistral AI also announces a partnership with Microsoft, aiming to extend its influence by making its models available on Azure, amplifying its reach and promising exciting possibilities for collaboration.

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