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Inkitt , led by CEO Ali Albazaz, is on a mission to redefine storytelling in the digital age using artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Self-Publishing Revolutionized: Inkitt’s app enables aspiring writers to publish their stories effortlessly. What makes Inkitt stand out is its AI-powered selection process, which identifies the most compelling narratives for further polishing and distribution through its second app, Galatea.
  • Beyond Just Text: The fresh influx of $37M in Series C funding, led by Vinod Khosla of Khosla Ventures alongside previous backers NEA, Kleiner Perkins and Redalpine and other undisclosed investors, set to expand its horizon even further. This includes AI-generated stories tailored to individual ideas, personalized fiction, ventures into games and audiobooks, and video content derived from its published works.
  • Expanding the Empire: Inkitt is not just stopping at publishing. With projects like Galatea TV, it’s proving that there’s a market for adaptations of its popular books, with some series already generating significant revenue.

Tailoring stories to individual tastes using AI algorithms and experimenting with various large language models (LLMs), Inkitt is at the forefront of personalized entertainment. Despite the challenges of generating best-selling content through AI alone, Inkitt leverages its vast data reservoir to enhance the creative process.

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