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160 Robinson Rd, #14-04
Sit Rd, SBF Center, Singapore 068914

Fluid, a fintech startup based in Singapore, has developed a solution aimed at streamlining the deferred payment process.

  • Rapid Funding: Fluid recently closed a series A funding round, raising $5.2M led by Insignia Ventures Partners. This investment is a testament to the trust and belief in Fluid’s vision and technology.
  • Expansion Plans: With the fresh capital, Fluid is gearing up to enhance its risk and engineering divisions. Plus, they’re on a mission to attract larger suppliers to their innovative platform.
  • Founding Team: At the helm of Fluid are co-founders Trasy Lou Walsh (CEO), Steven Li (CPO), and Ruoyun Yang (CFO), each bringing a wealth of experience from firms like Atome, Uber, and the International Finance Corporation.
  • Simplifying Payments: Fluid promises a paradigm shift. Suppliers can now avoid the hassles of dealing with debt providers, bypass credit checks for buyers, and reduce the need for extensive settlement and reconciliation teams.

This Series A round propels Fluid’s total fundraising to $7M, supplementing an initial seed round of $1.8M from notable names like Iterative and New Stack Ventures.

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