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Interview Kickstart, the startup dedicated to propelling tech professionals beyond their career boundaries, has announced a significant milestone, securing $10M in its first round of funding from Blume Ventures.

  • Bridging the Educational Gap: Ryan Valles and co-founder Soham Mehta, established Interview Kickstart on the foundation of their rich industry insights. Their mission? To address the glaring disconnect between the existing educational pathways and the advanced competencies demanded by Big Tech.
  • Tangible Success for Learners: Participants have landed job offers that go beyond $250,000, with the highest recorded offer crossing the $1.2M mark. Noteworthy is the fact that numerous professionals have seen their compensations double post-completion of courses, guided by instructors from companies like like Amazon, Google, and Netflix.
  • Comprehensive and Inclusive Programs: Spanning from $2,500 to $10,000, these programs encompass live classes, mentorship, and meticulous performance reviews to mold future tech leaders.

Interview Kickstart’s venture into raising external capital signifies its plan to diversify and deepen its content and outreach, especially within its AI and upleveling courses. The aspiration extends to potentially offering its refined curriculum to businesses directly, envisaging a broader impact on the tech ecosystem.

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