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Reddit‘s march toward an IPO unveils a fascinating strategy – a deepening alliance with AI giants like OpenAI.

  • Big Bucks in Big Data: Reddit has inked data licensing deals worth an impressive $203M, setting sights on a bright revenue forecast. Specifically, they anticipate raking in at least $66.4M by the end of 2024.
  • Potential Collaborations: Although the identity of the AI partners remains undisclosed, industry rumors suggest a partnership may be on the horizon. Speculations point towards a significant $60M annual deal with entities like Google or OpenAI, especially considering CEO Sam Altman’s involvement with Reddit.
  • Why Reddit Data? Imagine AI learning to craft all sorts of content by studying Reddit’s vast trove of over a billion posts and 16 billion comments. From public to private domain, each piece aids AI in becoming smarter.
  • A Strategic Pivot: Reddit, traditionally generous with its data, shifted gears, asserting that its rich datasets shouldn’t just be handed over for free. This pivot underscores the value of Reddit’s dynamic, constantly updating content.
  • The Bigger Picture: This isn’t just about Reddit. It reflects a broader move where content creators, threatened by AI-driven disruptions like traffic dips from chatbots, are exploring lucrative licensing agreements.

The narrative unfolds as Reddit fortifies its position not just as a social platform but as a player in the AI saga.

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