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In the competitive job market of Southeast Asia, fluency in English is not just a skill—it’s a significant advantage. NativeX, an online platform founded in April 2023, is redefining how English is taught.

  • A Solid Start: Just founded last year by Ai Chau and Trang Ly, NativeX successfully concluded its seed funding round, securing $2.5M, which was co-lead by Ansible Ventures and Blueprint Ventures. Northstar Ventures also participated in the found. This achievement brought their total funding to $4M.
  • Personalized Learning Experience: What sets NativeX apart? Its personalized learning approach. By grouping students according to their proficiency and schedules, NativeX crafts unique learning paths, making it a standout in the crowded edtech space.
  • A Premium Position: With an average spend of 15 million Vietnamese dong (approximately $608.8) on course fees, NativeX’s clientele places it in the premium segment of online English language education—and it performs impressively against offline providers too.
  • Target Audience: The platform primarily attracts working professionals from diverse fields such as IT, healthcare, marketing, and business—individuals who not only have the means but also the drive to advance their linguistic skills.
  • Future Plans: Looking ahead, NativeX has earmarked 80% of the newly acquired funds for product innovation, including a dual learning program set to launch in June.

This unique blend of English conversation practice and soft skills training, as explained by co-founder and academic head Ai Chau, aims to equip students with practical language skills for the workplace.

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