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UnoAsia, the parent of Uno Digital Bank in the Philippines, has successfully secured $32.1M in a pre-series B funding campaign.

  • Investor Line Up: This latest financial milestone was achieved through a blend of debt and equity, drawing support from investors such as Gateway Partners, Creador Private Equity, and Nextinfinity Management. UnoAsia’s cumulative funding has reached a substantial $75M.
  • A New Dawn in Banking: Launched by Manish Bhai, Puneet Gupta, and Kalidas Ghose in 2020, Uno Digital Bank transitioned from ideation to full-fledged operations just 15 months ago.
  • Demographic Strategy: With an eye on the demographic surge, Uno is strategically positioned to address the financial needs of the Philippines’ burgeoning bankable population, anticipated to balloon to 85 million by 2030.
  • Engagement with MSMEs: Following the trail of their consumer success, Uno Digital Bank is crafting specialized products for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), targeting a balanced customer base in the forthcoming years.

With a strategic eye on profitability by 2024 and an impressive $32.1M pre-series B funding under its belt, Uno Digital Bank is on an unyielding mission to reshape the banking experience in the Philippines, reinforcing its commitment to a seamless and inclusive financial ecosystem.

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