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Engaging in conference participation can entail significant expenses, from booth costs to travel accommodations for staff. Executives also pay the price in lost office time and event tickets. Understanding these costs’ return on investment (ROI) has often been elusive, but Sproxxy seeks to change that with their platform.

  • Launch and Funding: Sproxxy has officially launched its intelligent platform after securing $1.1M in funding, promising a novel way to manage conference activities and calculate their ROI.
  • Founder’s Insight: Founder and CEO Melanie Samba drew from her extensive marketing career to replace cumbersome Excel management with a comprehensive solution, giving birth to Sproxxy.
  • Advanced Features: Pre-event planning, inter-departmental coordination, and post-event ROI analysis are part of what Sproxxy offers, enhancing the value drawn from participating in industry events.
  • In-House Development: After outsourcing initially, Samba has assembled a dedicated team, focusing on in-house product development to cater to a growing demand.
  • Market Interest: Despite being a solo Black female founder with additional personal responsibilities, Samba’s Sproxxy has captivated interest from a pipeline of 1,200 companies.

Amidst a tough venture capital environment, where Black founders secured less than 1% of total investment in 2023, Sproxxy has raised significant funds, with $600,000 from Ivy Ventures and the rest from industry angels and Techstars. Samba isn’t just building a platform—she’s crafting a game-changer in event management, aiming to secure a total of $1.8M.

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