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GlycanAge, hailing from Europe, utilizes glycobiology to study complex sugar chains known as glycans, which play a pivotal role in our biology and health.

  • A New Ageing Metric: With a recent seed funding of $4.2M, they’re on a mission to replace calendar years with biological years—providing a more accurate assessment of one’s health and longevity.
  • Two Decades of Dedication: Co-founded by Dr. Gordan Lauc and Nikolina Lauc, GlycanAge may seem like a newcomer, but it’s the culmination of 20 years of tireless research in glycomic analysis.
  • Pioneering Precision Medicine: They’re not stopping at longevity; GlycanAge is digging deeper into personalized medicine, riding the wave of its latest financial boost to enter the large-scale diagnostics arena and secure a clear pathway for product development.

Backed by LAUNCHub Ventures and Kadmos Capital, GlycanAge’s quest is not just about extending life but enhancing the quality of health, standing at the vanguard where preventive healthcare, diagnostics, and longevity converge.

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