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Today marks a significant milestone for Koalaa as they announce the closure of a $1.2M funding round, propelling them further towards their mission of transforming the landscape of prosthetics.

  • Mission Statement: Founded in 2020 by Nathan Macabuag, Koalaa aims to address the critical issues faced by the limb-difference community worldwide: access, affordability, and comfort.
  • Innovative Design: Koalaa’s prosthetics stand apart from their traditional counterparts. Crafted from breathable fabric, these prosthetic arms offer a snug fit, lightweight feel, and unprecedented comfort. Remarkably, they are suitable even for very young children and can be shipped worldwide at a fraction of the cost.
  • Versatility Features: The prosthetic arms come with interchangeable tools, allowing users to seamlessly switch attachments based on their needs.
  • Investment Highlights: The funding round, joined by the British Design Fund and supported by the Imperial College Enterprise Fund II, underscores the industry’s confidence in Koalaa’s vision and potential for impact.

The influx of new capital will fuel Koalaa’s ongoing product development efforts, facilitate team expansion, and bolster international outreach initiatives. With a focus on scaling impact globally and increasing access to prosthetic solutions, Koalaa is at the forefront of ushering in a new era of inclusivity and innovation.

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