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The construction industry, valued at approximately $2T annually in the U.S. alone, is ripe for disruption through automation. Monumental, based in Amsterdam, focuses on bricklaying using red clay bricks, presenting a unique approach to automation in construction.

  • Monumental’s Journey: Founded in 2021 by Salar al Khafaji and Sebastiaan Visser, Monumental has gained attention with limited pilots in the Netherlands, including a 15-meter exterior of an office building. It has collaborated with 25 contractors, including those involved in low-income housing projects, underscoring Monumental’s commitment to real-world impact.
  • Innovative Approach: Monumental employs a multi-faceted strategy, beginning with an autonomous cart designed to handle heavy payloads and progressing to robots that spread liquid mortar and lay bricks.
  • Word from the CEO: Salar al Khafaji emphasizes Monumental’s dedication to blending human expertise with robotic efficiency, addressing industry challenges in unprecedented ways.
  • Funding Developments: Monumental’s announcement of a $25M funding round, led by Plural and Hummingbird, with participation from Northzone, Foundamental, and NP-Hard Ventures, marks a significant milestone.

The funding will fuel Monumental’s expansion efforts, focusing on hiring, scaling manufacturing, and enhancing the versatility of its robots to handle various types of bricks and blocks.

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