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Lucas Ngoo, co-founder of Carousell, revealed that he would be stepping away from day-to-day operations at the popular online marketplace.

  • Continued Involvement: Ngoo assured the community that despite stepping back, he remains deeply committed to Carousell’s success. He will retain his role as a co-founder and board director, offering guidance and support as needed.
  • Personal Decision: Ngoo’s decision to step down is personal, driven by a desire to explore new horizons. He expressed an interest in delving into fields like AI in biotech, healthcare, and climate tech.
  • Long-Standing Contribution: Ngoo’s journey with Carousell spans nearly 12 years, during which he served as the platform’s Chief Technology Officer until September 2019.
  • Company Evolution: This move occurs against the backdrop of Carousell’s strategic restructuring, including layoffs and office relocation, aimed at optimizing operations and ensuring long-term sustainability.
  • Future Outlook: Despite recent changes, Carousell’s co-founder and CEO Quek Siu Rui remains optimistic about the platform’s trajectory, emphasizing the company’s well-capitalized position and exciting plans for the future.

Lucas Ngoo’s transition marks a new chapter for both him and Carousell, reflecting the dynamic evolution of the company as it continues to innovate and adapt in the ever-changing landscape of e-commerce.

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