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Sam Seely and Chris Bell, co-founders of Knock, are on a mission to redefine notifications. They believe existing solutions like Twilio and SendGrid fall short and aim to offer a comprehensive platform that integrates notification delivery, workflow engines, and observability tools.

  • Funding Round: Craft Ventures leads Knock’s latest funding round with a $12M investment. This follows a previously undisclosed $6M seed round led by Afore Capital. Other investors include Preface Ventures, Worklife, Expa Ventures, CoFound Partners, and Tokyo Black, as well as angels like Guillermo Rauch and Scott Belsky.
  • Modern Notification System: Knock doesn’t just deliver notifications; it revolutionizes the process with a robust workflow engine. Developers can specify triggers and customize workflows tailored to their specific needs.
  • Cross-Channel Engagement: Knock’s workflow engine isn’t confined to a single channel. It integrates with third-party tools to trigger notifications across various channels, ensuring a cohesive and engaging user experience. This functionality is accessible both through a user-friendly interface and programmatically, catering to diverse developer preferences.

With the new funding, Knock plans to scale its go-to-market efforts and expand its engineering team. Current customers include companies like Vercel, Amplitude, Hiive, and Betterworks, highlighting the platform’s relevance and potential impact in the market.

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