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Mober has successfully secured $2M in seed funding to bolster its eco-friendly logistics services, led by RT Heptagon Holdings under the directive of its chairman, Rex Tiri.

  • Fleet Growth: With this new investment, Mober, founded by Dennis Ng, aims to enhance its EV fleet to 60 vehicles, rising to the challenge of growing demand for sustainable delivery options.
  • Green Pioneer: Established in July 2015, Mober has remained at the forefront of assisting businesses in the Philippines transition to low-carbon delivery practices, marking its territory as a forerunner in environmentally-conscious logistics.
  • Innovative Tracking: The startup has crafted a Transport Management System (TMS) that not only spikes delivery efficiency but also records the CO2 savings attributed to its EV usage.
  • Notable Partnerships: Joining forces with Kuehne + Nagel, Nestle, and Maersk, Mober is driving forward the electrification of logistical operations and supporting IKEA Philippines’ goal to ensure 100% electrification of its delivery services by 2025.
  • Charging Infrastructure: In tandem with these partnerships, Mober has unveiled a flagship EV charging station in Pasay City, dedicated to energizing its expanding fleet, especially for IKEA’s operations in the region.
  • Resilience and Growth: Despite the rigor of securing funds for startups in 2023, Mober’s strong sustainability-centric approach has navigated it through to secure invaluable investments.

With an eye on the future, Mober is poised for additional investments by the close of Q1 2024, intending to supercharge its green initiatives and widen its footprint in the logistics domain.

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