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FlowFi has successfully secured $9M in a seed funding round. This startup, led by Nate Cavanaugh and J.J. List, innovates the way founders manage finances by automating and demystifying accounting functions.

  • Seed Funding: FlowFi secured a robust $9M seed funding round led by Blumberg Capital, with backing from Parade Ventures, Differential Ventures, Precursor Ventures, Special Ventures, 14 Peaks Capital, and Cooley LLP.
  • Founder Frustration Fuels Innovation: The platform was born from Cavanaugh’s own challenges in accessing and understanding key accounting metrics in real-time – a pain point for many entrepreneurs.
  • Beyond Bookkeeping: The platform offers crucial non-GAAP financial insights, including trends in monthly and annual recurring revenue, gross margins, and vendor expenditures.
  • Growth and Customer Acquisition: In nearly three years, FlowFi has acquired over 100 customers and has seen a significant increase in annual recurring revenue.

Newly acquired funds are earmarked for R&D, enhancing technology to simplify accounting systems integration and further ways to interpret vital performance indicators.

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