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Endiya Partners is gearing up to enhance its footprint in the realm of deeptech, health, SaaS, and AI startups with the impending launch of its third fund.

  • Fund Scope: The new fund is projected to have a target of $100M to $125M.
  • Investment Philosophy: Consistent with its prior funds, the focus remains on early-stage ventures. Deployment of the new fund is expected to take place within the next quarter or three to four months.
  • First Cheque Advantage: According to Sateesh Andra, founder and managing director, Endiya Partners often provides the first institutional investment, with potential follow-up investments in Series A and Series B rounds.
  • Substantial Support: Startups receiving Endiya’s backing can look forward to substantial capital—up to $7M to $8M from both the fund and co-investments by LPs.
  • Strategic Allocation: Endiya’s investment strategy breaks down to roughly 30-40% for new investments, 20-30% for Series A rounds, and about 30% reserved for select ventures entering Series B stages.
  • Innovation Seekers: Endiya has an impressive portfolio, including Darwinbox, SigTuple, and Qapita, and commands $100M under management.

This strategic movement by Endiya Partners, founded by the trio of Sateesh Andra, Ramesh Byrapaneni, and Abhishek Srivastava, signals a robust confidence in the burgeoning startup ecosystem and a commitment to nurturing groundbreaking innovations.

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