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Wingman Ventures, announces its rebranding as Founderful, gearing up with $85M for its Fund II, targeting $120M in total.

  • Diverse Backing: Founderful’s backers include institutional investors, family offices, and unicorn founders from companies like Duolingo, Climeworks, and GetYourGuide, indicating strong support within the startup ecosystem.
  • Track Record: With successful exits from Insightness and Bring! Labs, and two more in the pipeline, Founderful demonstrates its ability to identify and nurture promising startups, particularly in the B2B software space.
  • Disrupting the Norm: Founderful’s founding partner, Alex Stöckl, highlights the firm’s mission to challenge traditional investment models, empowering founders with favorable terms and ambitious growth opportunities.
  • Swiss Startup Ecosystem: Founded in 2019 by Pascal Mathis and Lukas Weder, Founderful has significantly contributed to Switzerland’s startup landscape, with nearly 50 investments and a strong focus on pre-seed and seed-stage startups.
  • Sector Focus: Founderful seeks startups in B2B software, robotics, AI, and clean tech, aligning with emerging trends and technological advancements shaping industries worldwide.
  • Empowering Entrepreneurs: Through its Founderful Campus program and strategic investments, Founderful supports founders from top academic institutions, fostering innovation and collaboration within the Swiss startup community.

Founderful remains committed to Switzerland, aiming to lead the first financing round for ten startups annually while facilitating connections with international investors to fuel growth and expansion.

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